A visit to Children’s Hope – Home for Children

10 Dec

On Saturday, December 10, we made a visit to Children’s Hope–Home for Children, where little Rosamita is now living. We prepared some toys, toothpaste and soap for the children, as well some things for little Rosamita. We wanted to see how she was doing. We tried to contact Christella to take her with us to see her daughter and the place where she is being given care. But Christella was nowhere to be found.

The first thing we were told was that Rosamita has started to walk. They said she began to walk during the weekly prayer service, and all gave praise to God. She looks beautiful, well cared for, and very happy. Our first impression of this home was confirmed–that she and all the other children are well cared for and loved. 

Today was a real feeling of what Christmas is all about…love, joy and peace! 🎄💫🎁

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