Little Rosemita finds a home, Part 1

30 Nov

You may remember, from this past year, we shared a story about a 15-year-old teen, Christella, who had a baby girl a year ago in November. She named the baby Rosamita. During the year, Christella had tried to care for her baby, but there were many times Christella would disappear for days. She would leave little Rosamita with the father who could not care for her. We tried our best to care for the child’s needs, providing diapers, baby milk, clothes and other necessities. Sometimes these things would be missing, and we would find out they had been sold for money. 

This past Monday, late in the afternoon, Rosamita’s father brought her to us in a panic, with tears in his eyes. He said he could not care for his daughter and would need to put her in a home that would care for her. Christella had once again left her baby with the father and had disappeared for a week. The baby was so hungry and dirty. Right away, we fed and bathed Rosamita. Her father was so stressed that we took her for the night so he could go to find work in the morning. For the first time, after being fed, bathed and cared for, little Rosamita was smiling and laughing. We made a few phones calls to people who help children in such situations, and we had an appointment with Children’s Hope Home for Children here in Jacmel the next morning.

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