Felicians in Haiti celebrate Blessed Mary Angela 

20 Nov

We had a very beautiful celebration for our founding day, celebrating Blessed Mary Angela on Saturday, November 19, with our kids, teens and the people with whom we work. We hosted over 125 people and, if anything could go wrong, it did. It started when Dr. Wanitha, who works in our clinic, called. She was very sick, and she was suppose to give a witness, sharing her experience visiting Poland and walking in the footsteps of Blessed Mary Angela.

Then came the next bad news: we have been having trouble with our inverter that provides electricity when the city doesn’t. It was overheating. We had our electrician come, and he tried to fix it; but then came the moment when he looked inside. It was burned! This was right before we were ready to celebrate with the presentation and Mass. By a stroke of luck, about 10 minutes before program, the city electricity was on, so we were able to use the projector and computer. We had prepared a slide show, telling the story of Blessed Mary Angela. At the same time, our electrician showed us and told us the nightmare of the burned inverter, and he told us what it would cost for a new one. This can be purchased in Port au Prince, but would not be installed until next weekend. So that means no electricity, no use of oven, no Thanksgiving dinner. We pray we will not lose the turkey we have in the freezer now. The good news is that the city puts on electricity at various times during the day and the night for a few hours. Back to our beautiful celebration.

The priest that we always have for our Saturday Mass with our people was not here when we started at 2 p.m. He had said he would be there, so we called him and were told he needed a ride. We were surprised because he never needed a ride before.

What more could go wrong? When we had everything ready–decorations, table cloths and food on the tables–we had a 10-minute downpour of rain. The table cloths got drenched. They were special Thanksgiving ones. We covered the food with plastic and waited for the rain to stop. We prayed we would have enough food and, thanks be to God, we did. That was through the intercession of our Mother Angela.

The kids sang beautifully, and the songs were perfect. Our teens had helped, and we gave them special shirts that identified them as our volunteers. When the Mass finished, and we had the feast, the city electricity went off–perfect joy!

Dr. Yves Derisier, the director of the Mother Angela Clinic, spoke to everyone at the end of Mass about the mobile clinic and the work they do for the people in the Diocese of Jacmel. Everyone loved the celebration and the food! In Jacmel, at 5 p.m. it starts to get very dark. With no lights, this becomes a problem; but with candles and phone flash lights, we were able to clean up as best we could. Then our phones died!

Yesterday was a blessing and something we had always wanted to do here in Jacmel, especially with our poor–celebrating the legacy of our dear Mother Angela and our founding day.

Today we have elections for the new president of Haiti. This means possible demonstrations and violence, so on Monday everything is closed for the safety of the people.

Praised be Jesus Christ our King! Happy Feastday!

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