The power of life and survival!

16 Oct

On Saturday, we went to see Nadia and her baby boy (who she still had not given a name)  to see how they were doing. We walked into her one-room shack and saw there was blood everywhere on the bed. The midwife had not tied the umbilical cord correctly. So, with Nadia’s friend (Nadia is the mother), we rushed to the hospital with the baby. There was no doctor around, but a nurse was in the maternity ward. She cleaned up the blood, re-tied the cord, and told us to see a pediatrician. There was no pediatrician in the hospital. She told us of one in the city, so we looked for this doctor; he was not in the office. The bleeding had stopped, so we gave Nadia and her friend alcohol, gauze, diapers, and powdered baby milk. We then gave Nadia money to see this pediatrician on Monday. 

What an experience! We have done and learned many things here in the Haiti Mission, but this one has made such an impression on us as we see life and survival before our eyes. The baby is huge. The mother was very big during the pregnancy. The gift of life is unbelievable. Last night, we again visited the mother and child; and all seems well. The baby seemed more alive than in the morning. Please pray for Nadia and her baby boy. 🙏🏾

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