Meet Monachka

30 Sep

Every year we have new kids that appear in our neighborhood and come to our home. The reason for this is that the mothers come from the mountains and look for a place to live, so they can send their children to school. They may not have the money to do so, but they try. This year we met Monachka. She is 4 years old. She came to us with sores on her head, an extended belly, no shoes, and hardly any clothes. We first gave her some flip flops and our famous pillow case dresses. She loved how pretty she looked. Then we went to visit where she lived and met her mother, who is sickly. We sent them to the Mother Angela Clinic to see the doctor and to get some medication. Monachka now comes everyday to eat and joins in our activities. Now she even comes for catechesis.

One day, we visited the neighborhood and visited the school in the area. We saw a little girl facing the wall and crying. It was little Monachka. We were told she was interrupting the class and was being disciplined. She did not have a notebook, backpack or pencil with which to write. She now has the supplies she needs because of you who have donated school supplies for our children. May God bless you! 

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