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Do you remember Christella?

Those of you who have been reading our blog may remember Christella, a 16-year-old whom we helped when she delivered her baby. We sent her to a Canadian family that helps unwed mothers. She had very good care, but Christella did not stay long with the family.

 Thanks be to God she reconciled with her father, who rented for her a small shack behind the place where we live. Yesterday, the two of us visited Christella’s home and saw what she had inside–hardly anything. Here is little 6-month Rose sitting on the floor.

Christella and her baby sleep on a single sheet on the floor. They have no bed or mattress.

We brought Christella and Rose back to our home to give Rose a bath and some powdered vitamin milk she needed. We also gave her some new baby clothes. Would you believe had to show Christella how to use the baby bottle and prepare the milk😉.

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Eternal rest grant unto Evenson ðŸ™ðŸ½

During the first week of our return to Haiti, on Monday, May 30, we participated in the funeral of a 19-year-old teen from our neighborhood. He had been suffering for a year with an illness no one could diagnose. His body was swollen. Evenson was sent to Port au Prince to seek help, but no one could help him.

The funeral took place in the Lutheran Church here in Jacmel, attended by many teens. We have never seen anything like it; all were young and all were weeping. During the time they were reflecting on Evenson’s life, the people began to weep and wail loudly. The service lasted about three hours. After the service, in the evening, a few people came to us with wounds that they had received during the funeral because they were so emotional, throwing themselves to the ground. They all told us it was a power in them that did this. We just prayed for them.

Please remember the soul of Evenson in your prayers, and pray for his family who are mourning his loss.

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