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Blessing of the Easter food and Easter Sunday breakfast

Since we were leaving for the US on the Monday after Easter, we were wondering if we should have the traditional blessing of food. We wanted to share the Easter food with the poor so, on Easter Sunday, we invited a poor family to share our table.   With the kids, we prepared colored eggs to share with the neighborhood. This brought much joy to all!





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Passover, Vigil, Easter

After 2 years of preparation, eight young people from our community received the Sacrament of Baptism. The last days of their prpearation were especially intensive for all of us. Our young people had retreat during Holy Week–Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Besides the spiritual side, we needed to purchase new clothes and prepare their birth certificates, as well as getting their godparents’ information settled and finalized. It was a busy time, but a holy time.

The Paschal Vigil, was a great event for all of us. The celebration lasted for 6 hours. All were dressed in new clothes and ready for the holy water, oil and new candle. As the new fire was blessed, it lit the darkness. We processed with our candles lit with the newly-blest fire and listened to the Exultet, that proclaimed JESUS IS RISEN and is in our midst. We all sat attentively under the newly-blest paschal candle and listened to our salvation history proclaimed. After the Gospel and homily came the moment we had been preparing for–the sacrament of Baptism. More than 20 people were baptized and welcomed into the Church. It was a glorious moment of faith. They were all drenched in the newly-blest water, and so were we! We also had the privilege to be Eucharistic ministers for the celebration.

On Easter Sunday, we rose singing Jesus is Risen, He is truly risen. Jezi leve byen vivan!  In the afternoon, we had a big feast for the newly-baptized, their godparents and families. Alleluia!








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Peace  and all good to our blog friends! Even though we have been back in the USA for a week already, we want to share with you some of our events that led us to the great and glorious Easter Resurrection.

  During the Lenten season, every Sunday evening we heard the RARA band marching through the streets. These are people of all ages, who participate in voodoo.  They march through the streets every Sunday during Lent and eeryday during Holy Week. They dress up in black robes or robes similar to that of a bishop, and they play drums, whistles and other musical instruments. Our kids tell us these gatherings are not good. Their dancing and gestures are erotic. They have these RARA marches everywhere throughout the country.



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