Scared little neighbors in need

26 Mar

On Wednesday, March 25, we had some heavy rain during the day, which lasted into the evening. Our little neighbors came to us, telling us that water was leaking everywhere in their little shack, especially on their bed that we just had made for them. We had a a large tarp that we had bought last year in the market. After we bought the tarp, we noticed what was written on it– USAID–and we know that the USA gives them for free. Anyway, this night the tarp was a real gift from God. We saw two of our older boys out in the rain, playing soccer, and we asked them to help us put the tarp on the roof. They found a ladder and climbed on top of the shack. We heard the tin roof creaking and were worried the wooden beams would break, but we kept praying as they finally got it covered. After that, we brought the little boys and our two older boys to the house to give them some dry t-shirts and some chocolate cupcakes. At least now our little family can stay dry during our rainy season here in Haiti. 


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