Hope for Kap Wouj

10 Jul

While we were in Kap Wouj for the clinic, we received news that Harvest Bible Chapel opened a new clinic a few miles away. The Harvest Bible Chapel is an international church. They spent the last six months building the facility. We went to visit them and met their mission team from the United States. Their hope is to have the clinic opened everyday. Pastor Abraham is from this part of Kap Wouj and wants to give back to his people. We hope to collaborate with his team to meet the medical needs of the people in this area.







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One response to “Hope for Kap Wouj

  1. Juanita Arnister, SM

    July 23, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    God bless you with this new endeavor as you reach out to the people. Thanks for your prayers; hip healing is coming along very well thanks to everyone’s prayers, TLC and lots and lots of physical therapy.

    God be with you! My love and prayers ~ Juanita



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