VIMsters experience Felician College Core Values

26 May

Daily the VIM volunteers are learning to live the Felician College Core Values. Everyday the volunteers have an academic hour. On Saturday, May 24, the core value for the day was Respect for Human Dignity. After their first day of class with their students, we visited the Missionaries of Charity. Sister Clara Maria shared the sisters’ mission and provided an opportunity to interact with the poorest of the poor. The sisters care for women, men and children with special needs, as well as malnourished babies.

On Monday, March 26, the volunteers focused on Transformation. After class, the volunteers met Karolina, a young architect from Krakow, Poland, who has been living in Haiti for two year. She shared how living with and in other cultures has transformed her life.

We, too, can witness that, in meeting all the people who come to our home, our lives are transformed.




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