Clinic preparation meetings in Monchil and La Font

24 Mar

On Sunday, March 23, together with Sr. Giovanni who is with us for the week, we met with the leaders of the two villages where the clinic will be offered. First we participated in Sunday Mass at St. Yves, Monchil. The Mass was solemn because the choir celebrated its third anniversary. After Mass we had our meeting with the village leaders in preparation for the clinic. There are nurses in this village, who most likely will volunteer to help us for the good of their people. Then we made our way to La Font, about a half hour away, to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, where the village leaders were waiting for us. The people were very interested in the presentation that Dr. Yves made and showed their enthusiasm to help the clinic that will be coming to them every week.

Each of these places where the Mother Angela Clinic will be serving usually had medical attention given them once a year. Now they will have it every week.







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