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Container arrives with medical supplies!

On Wednesday, February 12, at 8 p.m. the container that was sent through the generosity of Ann Zon and her team from the Buffalo, NY, area arrived in Jacmel. Ann, is a former Felician Sister who always wanted to be a missionary but could not. She left the Felicians but continued to have a missionary heart, going to Nicaragua many rimes a year. When she heard that the Felician Sisters have a mission in Haiti, she contacted us and offered to help by sending a container. Half of the container was filled with donations that Ann gathered for the poor and the other half was filled with medical supplies collected by SM Giovanni from Livonia, MI.

The next morning, the container, filled with 990 boxes, had to be emptied within a few hours since the truck and the container needed to be returned to Port au Prince. With the help of a few strong friends, we did it in two hours. Boxes and medical supplies were everywhere. We needed to store these boxes and take them back to our house where we have the clinic office and medical supply room. The rest of the boxes went back into our container. Boxes that were full of clothes, shoes and toys were distributed to the poor in the mountains. As you can imagine, we have been very busy this past week.🚚









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