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Christmas is close…

We are very aware that our children and their families do not have the opportunity to share and celebrate Christmas the way we know it. Knowing this, we decided to make this Christmas special for them. We started preparing with the children spiritually–every Sunday evening during Advent we had catechesis, prayer and singing (all in Creole). They are great listeners and singers!

For the past few days, we have been preparing gifts and food. We baked peanut butter cookies and went to the market with our Haitian cooks for the food to be prepared for our Christmas dinner for our community. We are expecting about 50 people on Christmas Day.

Being busy with these preparations, we almost forgot about Wigilia for ourselves. Until now, we have been living in places where Wigilia was prepared for us😊. We decided to make pierogi. This was a first for us😉.









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We are grateful for friends of our Felician mission

Without our friends from all over the world helping us, we would never be able to help others. Our Sister Honorata gathered some of her Polish friends to help pack boxes of donated items to be sent in our container. Phil Vaz, who works with our Felician Sisters in Lodi, NJ, brought these boxes to East Amherst, NY, where the container was being prepared. We thank all those who have made this shipment possible.




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FSAH–Felician Sisters Artists Haiti

Our young Felician artists keep coming to our door with their future plans and ideas, even though we said we will meet with them after January 6, 2014. One day they asked for our Felician t-shirts to show that they are a part of our community here. The next day they came to the door dressed in our t-shirts, wanting their photo taken. So here they are…



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