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Bon Fet, Sè Marilyn

Today, June 30, we celebrated Sr. Marilyn’s birthday and feast day. We had many friends and our students come to visit us. Yvon and Gracias, our friends from Port au Prince, took us for lunch to a place we did not know existed in Jacmel. Yesterday we had made cupcakes to share with all! The pictures show only some of our visitors who had come throughout the day. We ended the day with prayer and adoration in thanksgiving for the gift of life.20130630-221441.jpg20130630-221504.jpg20130630-221611.jpg20130630-224646.jpg20130630-224742.jpg20130630-224815.jpg20130630-224902.jpg20130630-224921.jpg20130630-225012.jpg20130630-225311.jpg20130630-230721.jpg20130630-230816.jpg20130630-231058.jpg


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