I was sick and you looked after me…Mt. 25:36

12 May

Today, after Mass, we visited St. Michael’s Hospital, the only hospital in Jacmel. The conditions are very bad; it is not very sanitary and it is crowded. Men, women and children are all together. There were patients with broken limbs, machete wounds, knife wounds, burns; victims of car accidents, and those recovering from cancer surgeries. We visited every patient and prayed with them. Sadly, there was one young gentleman who did not want us to pray for him.

When you are a patient at this hospital, you must bring your own sheets, pillow, fan (if you have one), and personal toiletries. One woman, who suffered from severe burns, had her own mosquito net. We are not sure, but we think you have to bring your own food also. We only saw one nurse on duty, sitting by the nurses’ station. The photos look much better than the reality we saw today. Any simple gesture of compassion was healing.


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