Sharing our many blessings

12 Feb

As Jacmel continues to celebrate its last day of Carnival, we continue to work and prepare our new convent, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Unpacking the many boxes, we shared what they contained with many people. One great need is shoes. We had many in the container and have been distributing them everywhere. To go to school, you must have a pair of shoes. Sneakers are a great gift, especially for those who live in the mountains.

The clothes that we received have been distributed. Here you see Cassandra, who has a new outfit: shirt, pants, and sneakers. Even though the shirt and pants were used, she never had anything as nice as this; and she came to our door, wanting to show us what she looked like. We are so grateful to all of you for your generosity and kindness.

Among the blessings we have received are the many people who have come to our door to help us. Today Jacque, our Creole teacher, together with his family, came to the house and offered to help us. So they worked on putting together beds and a closet. We made dinner to thank them for their kindness. It was our favorite recipe here in Haiti: berijen (egg plant) and spaghetti.

In the evening Father Gaston, pastor of St. Yves, stopped by. We gave him some needed church items, as well as some stuffed animals for the children in his parish. The biggest joy was when we gave him a picture of John Paul II. He has very fond memories of JP II’s visit here to Haiti in 1983.




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