TGIF Thank God it’s Friday

08 Feb

We continue to work from morning until night in setting up our new convent, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. During the day we have visitors who stop by because they see us through the bars on our balcony. Sister Marilyn is learning from Cassandra, the daughter of our caretaker of the grounds, how to carry things on her head. We gave Fr. Gaston, Pastor of St. Yves Parish, one of the monstrances we brought in the container. We wish you could have seen his joy!

Today we tried to put together our beds so that we could return those we borrowed, but we could not figure it out. So we called our Creole teacher, Jacque,s who came to the rescue. In such a short time, we are learning how to do many things–put together fans, use a drill, put beds together, set up a gas stove using a propane tank, refrigerator, washing machine, closets and lamps. Today we did our first load of laundry in our new washing machine. We can only use it when we have water and, for past few days, we did not have any.

Everyday children come to our door to say hello, but we know it is for some animal crackers. We give them three at a time and say: “In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”
Of course, we say it in Creole.

The pre-school that is below us celebrated Carnival. This is a serious tradition here in Haiti. The costumes, music and dancing are beautiful, loud and, creative.





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