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Discovering our new talents

This week all the priests in the Diocese of Jacmel are on their annual retreat. We have been on our own cooking our own meals. Until now neither of us have had many opportunities to cook. We are discovering our new talents for cooking with Haitian products and vegetables. It is challenging because we cannot always find the ingredients we are used to getting in a grocery store. But believe it or not, we are coming up with some good recipes.

The main vegetable we use and like is eggplant “berejèn”. Monday we had berejèn with pieces of chicken. On Tuesday we had berejèn and zucchini over fried brie cheese. On Wednesday we had potato pancakes topped with berejèn, carrots, peppers and onions. Today we will be cooking spaghetti with berejèn and tomato sauce.

We look forward to you coming to visit us and to share our healthy meals.




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