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Haiti prepares for Christmas



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Last week of Creole class with Pwofesè Sebastien

For the past four weeks we have spent Monday through Friday, 2 hours a day, with our teacher Sebastien, learning Haitian Creole. It is a great joy for us to be able to communicate with the people working in Yvon’s house, and to understand them when they speak slowly to us. Everyday we pray the Rosary in Creole. However, our greatest joy is that we can read allowed the Bib La, the Bible, and understand what we are reading in Creole.

“Lè sa a, Santespri a te fè kè Jezi kontan anpil.” Lik 10:21
Translation: “In that same hour, the Holy Spirit made Jesus’ heart very happy.” This is the literal translation of the first line of today’s Gospel from Luke10:21.


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