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Meeting Darren Hercyk, CRS Country Representative

This afternoon we were surprised to meet Darren Hercyk, Catholic Relief Services Country Representative. He arrived at the Bishop’s house for a meeting with Caritas. We found out that Darren lives with his family by Yvon’s house where we are staying. This is another good contact for us in Haiti.


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Meeting a missionary hermit

We were blest to meet a missionary hermit here in Jeremie. She lives on the grounds of the Order of St. Camillus in the hills. To visit her you have to knock of the door with a shell. Sister Francine comes from Quebec, Canada. She writes icons. She discovered in herself the call to be a missionary hermit to pray for the people of Haiti. Sister Francine has in her hermitage a small chapel where she has daily Eucharistic adoration. We felt at home. She promised to pray for the Felician mission in Haiti.






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