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About Felician Mission: Haiti

Praise the Lord! We thank our God for everyone who has prayed for and supported our efforts as we continue our journey in Jacmel, Haiti. We have been here since 2012 and so many good things have happened that we wanted to share a few stories with you! We live among the marginalized and those living in poverty, accompanying them through the challenges and celebrating the joys of life. Join us on our journey and please keep us in your prayers as we keep you in our prayers.

St. Clare Sewing School

Since June 5, we have had construction on the mission grounds, preparing a new space for the sewing classes. It is just about completed and ready for the big move of the sewing machines and materials. We are still waiting for the closet doors to be installed. The space can also be used for other activities and meetings when needed. God is good!

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Youth for Global Health and Justice start research in Marigot

On Thursday, July 21, our young team involved in the Clean Water project through Global Health and Social Justice met in Marigot to begin their study of the water problem. They met at the school, where they hope the well will be dug, and then spoke with people in the town about the problem of no water. On Saturday, they will meet and share their research thus far to be included in their proposal for a well to be dug.

Hensley gives a tour of the school that has 760 students with no water unless they purchase the water in a truck.
Edwina and Christine ask some women from Marigot about their water situation.
Team discussion…
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Servants of the Living Water takes on new faces!

On Thursday, July 21, Sisters Julitta and Marilyn, together with Madam Omanie, Annette, and the youth involved in the Youth for Global Health and Social Justice Program went to Marigot. Our clean water program was presented to 20 woman from St. Dominic’s Parish, and the youth began their research among the community. It was a busy day for all.

Setting up and registration…
Madam Omanie
Learning how to use and clean the filter…
Sister Julitta
Servants of the Living Water are ready for mission!
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Youth for Global Health and Social Justice meet

On Tuesday, July 19, we had our first meeting with the young people who will be participating in the Youth for Global Health and Social Justice project. They are working together to get a well for the town of Marigot, which is desperately in need of clean running water. The day was filled with a YouTube presentation, discussion, then the process of beginning to examine pertinent issues surrounding the water crisis facing their local community. On Thursday, they will visit Marigot and begin their investigation. This leadership program encourages youth to work together and to build skills in service to their community.

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Meeting our sisters in initial formation around the world!

It was a joy for us to connect across the world with our Felician Sisters, especially meeting our dear sisters in formation! May God be known, loved and glorified!
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It started with an email from Dr. Sheryl Simmons,. She heard about our clean water program, Servants of Living Water, from Angela Hospice in Livonia, MI. She reached out to us and wanted to hear our story. She is director of a program that engages youth to work out a plan for a well to be dug in a needed area. This program is sponsored by the United Nations.

The purpose of this Work Around the World for Water (WAWW) initiative is to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding youth need to become influential leaders within the water sector.

Goals include the following:

  1. Increase participants’ understanding of the concept of leadership.
  2. Increase participants’ understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity.
  3. Assist participants in developing specific skills needed for effective leadership.
  4. Provide participants with a process for examining pertinent issues surrounding the water crisis facing their local and global communities.
  5. Increase participants’ awareness of themselves and how they relate to others; and
  6. Provide opportunities for participants to apply their knowledge, skills, and understandings through meaningful services to the community.
    Program Values and Assumptions
    Youth for Global Health & Social Justice programs

Work Around the World for Water attempts to bridge a gap between theory on leadership, community leadership, and leadership development with actual practice in leadership development for youth. Implementation of this project and subsequent evaluation of the project’s success would provide still more information that could be used to improve both the specific project and similar community-based youth leadership development projects.

These are ideas that we have been trying to do with our youth over the years. We have extended our clean water program, with the help of a generous donor(s), by getting wells to a school, parish and its community, as well as on our own property for our children.

When God showed us this door, we knew we had to open it and walk through. We are aware of another community in Marigot, which is desperate for clean running water. So we decided to get on board. We already have six young people involved, who will have their orientation class for the program on Tuesday, July 19.

On Friday, July 15, we had visited the school that is in need of the well. About 760 children and teens go to this school, which has no running water. In order to have water, they must buy it!

The school teaches agriculture to students and, without access to water, this cannot be done.

Our youth now have to present their proposal, learn about the water needed, learn how to test the water, and be a part of the process for the money in order for a well to be dug. Please keep this new project in your prayers. Everyone deserves to have clean water!

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Healthcare Management online course completed!

Since February, Sister Marilyn has been participating in the online cours,e Healthcare Management, sponsored by Medicines for Humanity. Sister Marilyn manages the Mother Angela Clinic, and this course was a perfect fit. It certainly was through the power of the Holy Spirit that this course was found.

On the same day in January, both Sisters Marilyn and Inga read an advertisement about the course offering for missionary sisters in third world countries. As Sister Marilyn was thinking about it, Sister Inga said to her: “There is a course that would be perfect for you to take at this time.” The Holy Spirit speaks quite loudly here at times.

So, on February 28, the online course began. Sister Marilyn met every Monday morning via her computer and internet. The key was having access to internet. It usually lasted 4-5 hours but, thank God, you can do an online course at your own pace and time. The weekly classes included other days when a speaker would be on ZOOM. The course included the following: Asset Management, management process, creating organizational statements, policies and procedures manual, organizational policies and management, financial management, human resource management, asset management, CHW Community Health Workers, and projects management. Everything that was presented is certainly used here in the Felician Mission Haiti!

To complete the course, a project was to be presented at the end of 12 weeks. Sister Marilyn created a Manual of Operation for the Mother Angela Clinic.

On July 5, Sister Marilyn presented her project, using a PowerPoint presentation. She had submitted her manual on June 6, and it was approved. And yes, she passed the course and will receive a certificate.

The manual is going to be translated into Creole and given to the employees.

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A house being built on steady rock…

These last two months, we have been watching a house being built on steady rock. Everyday, workers are here building a space for the sewing classes. The space will also be used for other activities. This is in God’s plan for never could we have imagined another building on the mission property. It is getting there…


And God give me sisters and brothers and all his creation…

Praise the Lord! All life is a gift! As I enter this day, I am so grateful to God for life, my parents, family Felician family and you. All these are gift that I reverence and for which I thank God as I celebrate my gift of life today. I have so much to thank God for, and the litany of thanks is endless. The Word of God today speaks to me of two things; one is the call of God. For Amos, it was to prophesy. He was called to remind others that they were not living up to God’s covenant. My other thought is about the grace of mercy from the Father. As I grow older, I see or am made aware of what paralyzes me, as well as my frailties and weaknesses. But recognizing that I am embraced by that unconditional divine mercy gives me life and freedom. So today, as I come before my Lord in prayer and Eucharist, I shall also pray for you and thank God for the gift you are to me in my life.🙏🏾❤️✌🏿🎁🥳

Today’s Mass was celebrated with Fr. Emmanuel, who was celebrating his 4th anniversary of priesthood!
Thanking God for my community!
Thanking God for my community!
Alleluia is always a song in our hearts!
Delicious feast day chocolate cake with pudding inside!
Sr. Julitta’s creation, and it was delicious!
My annual homemade carrot cake by Sr. Inga! It, too, was delicious!!!!!!
I saved two pieces in the freezer for Sunday dinner!
Birthday greetings from Angelika.
Birthday greetings from Frankey.

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Please read the following translation from Conference of Men and Women Religious in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, June 27, 2022

The news of the murder of Sister Luisa Dell’Orto left no one indifferent given the immensity and intensity of her works in favor of the poorest according to the heart of God. Faced with such a heinous act, we are inhabited by feelings of confusion, revolt, anger… Beyond that, we cannot forget the virtues of faith, charity, hope and abnegation that have inhabited the whole life and apostolate of Sister Luisa. Her testimony of life is stronger than the crime that took her away. Also, the consecrated life nourishes the desire to show its solidarity by expressing its sympathies to the religious and biological families of Sister Luisa.

The CHR office met urgently the evening of the assassination to find out about the circumstances of the crime and to see what responses to it.

After a long discussion, we deemed it important to have a meeting with Bishop Max Leroy MÉSIDOR, as pastor of the Church in the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince where the crime was perpetrated.

Following the meeting with Bishop Max Leroy, we have decided the following:

1. Write a note of public protest to express our outrage and anger and ask the relevant authorities to shed light on this crime.

2. Write a letter to the Superior General of the Little Sisters of the Gospel. We take advantage of his visit to Haiti to hand it over to him.

3. Invite consecrated life to participate in the mass on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 2:00 a.m., which will take place at the parish of Saint Monfort where it has worked in favor of young people and children in the “Kay Chal vin aprann” house. Travel circumstances make it necessary to celebrate the funeral mass on that day.

4. Organize a concert Mass with the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince with Archbishop Max Leroy MÉSIDOR as Principal Celebrant, on Monday, July 4, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. in the Saint Louis de Gonzague chapel of the FIC in Delmas 31-33. Remember that two celebrations are not too much for a life given entirely to God by serving the most disadvantaged.

PS. : at the introduction of the Mass, there will be a complete presentation of the biography of Sr Luisa.

5. In addition, the office of the CHR will request a meeting with the CEH in order to discern the actions that we can take together as a Church in response to the catastrophic situation that our country is experiencing.

Brothers and sisters, let us remain united in prayer, and dare to make sparks that will become embers of love to illuminate the many wounded and bruised hearts of our country and society.

May Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of Haiti, intercede for us so that the light of the Heart of her Son, our Redeemer, shines on our paths!

Fr. Gilbert Peltrop, C.Ss.R

Secretary General of the CHR

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