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Preparing for our new sewing classes…

We are busy getting our sewing machines ready for our newest project–Sewing Classes! Sr. Isajasza is very talented in this area and has already set up plans for her classes, as soon as we get the new inverter and batteries installed to provide more electricity. Thank God we have one treadle machine, which is controlled by a foot pedal. It just needed some parts for it to work. This type of machine is new for Sr. Isajasza, but she was getting the hang of it!

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‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

On Monday, March 9, Sr. Isajasza and Sr. Marilyn made visits to some of the families of our children. We heard that one of them was very sick. Sè. Isajasza, for the first time, got a glimpse of the living conditions of the children we serve–no running water, no beds and people sleeping on the floor, with garbage everywhere. These times are even more difficult because of the political situation, There is no money, no food, no work.

Our people were so happy to see us and always love our visits. We have come to know that the power of presence of Jesus is the first true gift we can share.

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Felician Mission hosts Convivance for Neocatechumenal Community

From Thursday, February 27, to Sunday, March 2, the First Community of St. Michel’s Parish in Jacmel came for a retreat weekend. For most of them, this was a first-time experience. The amazing thing is that it was centered upon the Word of God. The community is made up of young adults and elders. The weekend ended with the celebration of Eucharist. Everyone helped to prepare for the weekend–making beds and putting mattresses in the clinic so we could accommodate 32 people. Even our cooks had to stay overnight since we had heavy rains on Thursday.

Sr. Isaiazja helped the kitchen crew with the food for the weekend.
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