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Closing Pilgrimage and Mass for the Year of Mercy, November 12, 2016, in Jacmel, Haiti

On Saturday, November 12, early in the morning, we got ready to gather with the Church of the Diocese of Jacmel for a pilgrimage and Mass to close the Year of Mercy. We invited all our kids and teens who participate in our catechesis program. Little did we know that 45 of them would want to come to participate. From the youngest, who was 3 years old, to the oldest, who was 20 years old, they stood ready to make the almost four-mile pilgrimage in the hot sun.

Bishop Launay Saturne opened the pilgrimage with a blessing to make this journey in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the grace of Divine Mercy for all. We all had our personal intentions.

When we reached Immaculate Conception Church, the designated sanctuary for the Year of Mercy, and walked through the Holy Door of Mercy, we were greeted by our shepherd, Bishop Launay, who welcomed us with Christ’s mercy and healing. It was an awesome feeling of peace. We then gathered for Mass. This certainly was a challenge for our kids but a great experience of faith, hope, love and, most of all, mercy.

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After a doctor’s visit… πŸ€’

On Friday, November 11, Chrismen came to us with her baby girl, Shyna, who is 7 months old, telling us she had a fever. It just so happens that on Fridays our doctors from the Mother Angela Clinic work in the pharmacy. Dr Wanitha told Chrismen to give her daughter a cold bath, so that is what she did, right here with us. Chrismen does not have her own home; she lives with a neighbor because her house collapsed.

 Just so you know, Shyna had her inoculation shots on Thursday so it was a reaction. Today she is doing fine.

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Celebrating All Saints πŸ˜‡

On Tuesday, November 1,  some of our teens and kids celebrated in our chapel this holy day of remembering the Saints. Here in Haiti, it takes on a different meaning for us since those who deal with voodoo also see November as a month to do various rituals and to conduct parades. We gathered around a heart of lights, remembering the saints who lived their lives dedicated to Christ and following His Word in being mercy to all. All of us are signed with the cross at baptism and called to be saints, too. It is such a special day here in Haiti that all schools and businesses are closed on All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

God, our Father, source of all holiness,

the work of your hands is manifest in your Saints,

the beauty of your truth is reflected in their faith.

May we who aspire to have part in their joy

be filled with the Spirit that blessed their lives.

May we also know their peace in your Kingdom. Amen.
β€”Prayer for the Solemnity of All Saints, from the Roman Sacramentary 

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A dream, motivation, a new school year…

You may remember our story about Tchery; he is now living in Port au Prince, attending the university and studying to be a doctor. Today, he came to Jacmel for a break and visited us. He gave us an update of his studies and where he is living. This is one happy young man, who is trying to make his dream come true. Thank you for your help. It is stories like these that can make a change; this is the way to change Haiti.

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This is what Hurricane Matthew left us…😩

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