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Celebrating Palm Sunday: Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.

On Saturday afternoon, May 19, our young people gathered to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with blessed palm branches, the reading of the Passion, and the Celebration of the Eucharist. With the help of our young people, we prepared the palms, while others prepared the readings. 



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Happy St. Joseph’s Day! Mother Angela Clinic celebrates it’s 3rd Anniversary!

Three years ago on the Feast of St. Joseph, we began the Mother Angela Mobile Clinic in the Diocese of Jacmel. As of today, the clinic goes to twelve places  in the mountains, providing medical care and medication to the poor. We started with one doctor, one nurse, a pharmacist and a driver. Now, because of the many people we serve, we have two doctors and an extra nurse who assists two days a week. 

We continue to ask for 100 gourdes (less then $2) for consultation and whatever medications the patient  needs. Of course, if our people cannot pay anything, the service is still provided. Our clinic goes to various chapels in the mountains to serve the needs of the sick.

It is because of people like you, who help us with your donations, that we can provide this needed mission in Haiti. We pray for all of you everyday and ask St. Joseph to intercede for you. May God bless you!


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Jacmel☘🍀☘


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How many times shall I forgive?

On Monday, March 14, our teens, who are participating in the Faith Formation Progarm and preparing for Confirmation, participated in a Penance Service in our chapel. The teens always come to opportunities like this dressed in their Sunday best. This shows a reverence and respect for Church. Father Valle, a newly-ordained priest, once again led the service. He shared with us the importance of confession and our need for mercy.  

Last night, I was also able to experience the grace of confession. As he gave me the absolution, Father placed his purple stole upon my head. I experienced a profound grace as I prayed that our young people would also have such an experience. This gesture reminded me of something our Holy Father, Pope Francis, said: “I have always been moved by the gesture in the tradition of Eastern churches, where the confessor welcomes the penitent by putting his stole over the penitent’s head and an arm around his shoulder, as if embracing him. It is the physical representation of acceptance and mercy. We are reminded that we are not there to be judged. It’s true that there is always a certain amount of judgment in confession, but there is something greater than judgment that comes into play. It is being face-to-face with someone who acts in persona Christi to welcome and forgive you. It is an encounter with mercy.” (Excerpt From: Pope Francis & Oonagh Stransky. “The Name of God Is Mercy.” )




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Parent meeting!

Do you remember our Afterschool Program? This is where our teens are helping our young kids with their studies, homework and preparation for their quarterly exams.

On Thursday, March 10, our teens responsible for helping the children led a meeting with the parents. We began with prayer and then shared our concerns and need for collaboration. 

The parents are very grateful for the time and space here on our grounds for their children to do their homework. Most of them, if not all of them, do not even have a table to work and write upon.


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Preparing to become an Altar Server

On Monday, March 7, five of our teenage boys met in our chapel for their first class to learn to become altar servers for our Saturday evening Masses which are celebrated in our chapel. These five boys received the Sacrament of Baptism and Communion last year at the Easter Vigil. They now are preparing for Confirmation.

Alex, who is the head altar server of St. Michael’s Parish, together with Jerry, conducted the class. The boys were given the importance of serving at the altar of God and  their call to be good examples  for others.

As you can see, they came to the meeting in their Sunday best. This tells us they are taking this privilege and call seriously. 


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When I was sick, you comforted me!


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