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“I called on the Lord in my distress and he answered me.” Psalm 120:1

We were invited to join in prayer and solidarity for the intentions of the victims of violence in Haiti, especially directed towards the people of the Church. From November 2014 through March 2015, 25 religious communities have been attacked with some type of violence by thieves; some were wounded and killed. This violence has also touched many priests.

On Monday, March 9, all priests and religious men and women in Haiti gathered throughout the country for a day of prayer. The day began with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and ended with Mass, celebrated by Bishop Launay Saturne in Sacred Heart Church. 

In Port au Prince, along with prayer, there was a march in solidarity with all those who were victims of violence.

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Seeking a new leg for Daniel

On Friday, March 6, we went with Daniel to Port au Prince. Daniel is one of our artists, a talented young man who works with our teens in the Felician Haiti Art Program. Twelve years ago, he was involved in an accident, and he was shot in his left leg. With no medical attention, Daniel lost his leg. Through charity at the time, he was given a prosthesis that, from the beginning, really did not fit him; now it is broken at the knee. We found an organization that makes leg prosthesis, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. We are now waiting for the doctor to come and take a look at Daniel and see what our next steps will be.

Dr. Thomas Illwala is originally from Kenya. He came to Haiti five years ago to work with Healing Haiti’s Children in making legs and arms for children who lost limbs From the earthquake and by accidents. The Knights of Columbus sponsor the program, which is run by Project Medishare.

The process took about two hours. Daniel was measured for a new left leg. With the help of the Knights of Columbus, he will be given a new leg. The prosthesis will cost $160 USD. It takes about 4-6 weeks to make the prosthesis.

So now we begin the wait for it to be made and prepared.






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Sr. Victoria returns to Jacmel with Madonna University Students

Sr. Victoria, professor of Nursing from Madonna University, is here in Jacmel for the third time. She is accompanied by her brother, John, and three Madonna University Nursing Students. Sr. Victoria has been giving lectures in the School of Nursing at the University Of Notre Dame of Haiti, while her brother and students have been helping in the Mother Angela Clinic. 

Sr. Victoria was touched by the poor situation and the lack of materials with which the nursing students have to deal here in Haiti. She has made it her mission, through fund raising, to purchase equipment to assist their program. We thank Sr. Victoria for bringing us medications for the Mother Angela Clinic and other needed items for our kids. 

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Group I Fanm Dlo/Water Women meet for the third time

Our first group of Water Women met for the third time, together with their children. They received a Water Woman coloring book that they shared with their children. This was time given for the women to teach their children the importance of having clean water. It is truly “Water with Blessing.”

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Group II Fanm Dlo/ Water Women are sent

Today, March 2, we finished the formation of the second Water Women group. They received their filter and bucket to share clean water in their home and to share the filtered water with three other families. More and more people in our area have access to clean water. We are getting more and more experience in preparing the women. The other day, we received an invitation, asking us to prepare a group of women in another part of Haiti for a parish that wants to purchase the filters and buckets.


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