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Celebrating Consecrated Life Day in Jacmel

On Saturday, February 2, we joined the Universal Church in celebrating Consecrated Life Day. All religious brothers and sisters who serve in the Diocese of Jacmel gathered in the Pastoral Center with Bishop Launay Saturne and many of his priests. The meeting included a conference, sharing with other communities, and dinner. The day concluded with the Celebration of the Eucharist.

Sister Inga met a Sister of St. Vincent de Paul who is from Poland and has been serving in Haiti for 10 years. It is a very small world because Sister Lila’s brother is a priest who has been serving in Sister Inga’s home parish in Sulecin, Poland. When he heard that Sister Inga was missioned in Haiti, the connection began. Sister Lila serves in the same Diocese and works in the mountains about two hours away from Jacmel. She speaks Creole fluently.




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The container finally arrived in Jacmel

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. we received a call that our container arrived in Jacmel. Now we have to wait for an inspector in whose presence the container can be opened. Please pray!



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Exchange of missionary experiences

Sisters Dianne, Janet and Elizabeth, two Sisters of Charity and a Maryknoll came to visit us from Duval Roche on Thursday, January 31. It should be a three hour drive, but they got lost and arrived after seven and a half hours. It was a joy to see them and share our stories of mission here in Haiti. We prepared a good dinner with Haitian vegetables and fruits they all enjoyed.


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