The journey…on the Road to Emmaus

26 Apr

It is with very sad hearts that we received news today that our dearly beloved Sr. Victoria Indyk has gone Home to the Father. On this Sunday on which the Gospel story about the Road to Emmaus is proclaimed, we hear the news that Sr. Vicky’s journey to Emmaus is completed. She is with her beloved Spouse and Lord, the one to whom she committed her total self everyday. Sr. Vicky was a woman who had a passion for Christ and a passion for humanity. She loved to be with, to accompany, and to serve the poorest of the poor. Whether they were physically, spiritually, intellectually, or emotionally poor, she was there ready and willing to give her whole self and more.

Sr. Vicky loved Haiti, especially bringing groups to Jacmel. She had been with us at our Mission many, many times. Sometimes she brought groups from Madonna University; at other times, she came by herself to teach the nursing students at Notre Dame University here in Jacmel and to work with the Mother Angela Clinic.

Sr. Vicky had many friends in Jacmel. Our youth and kids loved when she would come with her many surprises. There were those she would meet on the beach and make a transaction, and then she would encourage them to keep the beach clean. She supported town artists or the local drummer.

There were a few orphanages Sr. Vicky supported, and she always brought them toys, candy and clothes. Yes, Sr. Vicky had many friends here in Jacmel. Why? Because she was on a journey; she was on her Emmaus road. She made connections and formed relationships. She accompanied many to seek a better life, one full of hope.

There was no way of saying “no” to Sr. Vicky. When she had a plan in her heart that she believed was from God, she figured a way to see it through. When she would realize she might be going the wrong way, she met her Lord and Savior in prayer. She listened to the scriptures and recognized Him in the breaking of the bread of her Eucharistic devotion and the breaking of the bread of her life for others. Sr. Vicky’s heart was always burning for she recognized JESUS in her midst through the Word, Sacraments, and Others.

The last message we received from Sister was when she told us she was in the hospital with the virus, COVID-19; she asked us to pray for her to get out of the hospital and go back home. She thanked us for praying for her. Then we heard she took a turn for the worst that evening; she was put on a ventilator and slowly failing… this virus took her from us.

Yet, maybe that is not the best way to say it…Sr. Vicky surrendered to the Will and voice of her Father and drank the cup that was hers to drink. Her spirit is here with us in Jacmel. Her endless giving of herself will live on in our hearts. We have many memories with Sr. Vicky here in Haiti, and we thank God we were able for a time to walk the way to Emmaus together.

December 24, 2019

This morning, as I was remembering Sr. Vicky and looking around the Mission, I was filled with tears of joy and sadness. Joy that she accompanied us in Haiti, and sadness that she will not be back here to see the new plans God is unfolding for us. Then, a beautiful yellow butterfly flew by me; and I felt she is here, now more than ever.

Stay with us, Sr. Vicky, tell us what the Father desires of us now and, most of all, help us to have the heart of Jesus like you had every time you met someone during the times you were here with us in Haiti.

December 23, 2018

Sr. Vicky, remember us to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

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