Tchery (Jerry) has a dream! 🇭🇹

08 Sep

Everyone has a dream, especially our young people. Tchery (pronounced Jerry) is a young, 21-year-old who has been working with us the past 3 years, tutoring our children. He has a dream. He dreams of one day being a medical doctor to help his people. Tchery has just finished his high school and wants to begin studies for medicine. He was one of five who were able to pass the exam in his class. He wants to continue his education by going to the University located in Port au Prince. Tchery’s family is very poor, and there is no possibility for them to even begin to pay the entrance fee of $120, then pay $360 per semester three times a year. Would you want to help us help Tchery’s dream come true?

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One response to “Tchery (Jerry) has a dream! 🇭🇹

  1. Mary Flanagan

    September 8, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    I can donate $25 dollars. To where should I send the money?
    Mary Flanagan


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